Sümrü Ağıryürüyen

Sümrü Ağıryürüyen
She sings in different styles from traditional music to free improvisation all over the world. As one of the most active figures of Istanbul free improvisation scene since 2009, she performs with many musicians from Turkey and abroad as well. Her latest project is a song duo SO Duo with Orçun Baştürk, whom they work together since 2013. She has two improvisation projects: Konjo, a voice-guitar-drums trio with Şevket Akıncı, and Orçun Baştürk; and Sert Sessizler/Harsh Consonants, a cello-voice duo with Anıl Eraslan. In her traditional music projects, she prefers mainly to focus on the music of different ethnicities from Turkey: Ayde Mori Yeniden with Muammer Ketencoğlu, Brenna MacCrimmon, Orçun Baştürk; Black Sea-Balkans Line with Ayşenur Kolivar, Anıl Eraslan, Onur Şentürk, Orçun Baştürk, Mikail Yakut; Aegean Portraits with Muammer Ketencoğlu, Nikos Hadjiiliadis and Orçun Baştürk. Besides, she created projects like Songs Passing Through Istanbul, with traditional music master Göksel Baktagir; Les voix d’Istanbul, a Strasbourg based trio with Anıl Eraslan and tarhu player Nicolas Beck; and EO, a basically Mediterranean modal-maqam music project, with Spanish multi-instrumentalist Efren Lopez. She has worked with guitarist Cenk Erdoğan as well arranging traditional music in their own style. She has a solo album ‘Issız-Solitude’; with Konjo, ‘Konjo feat. Alper Maral//Konjo feat. Serdar Ateşer’; with Sert Sessizler-Harsh Consonants, ‘Sert Sessizler-Harsh Consonants’, and two EPs (Oniki/Twelve and L’ombelico del Gigante); and with her previous groups she released two Balkan music albums ‘Ayde Mori’ and ‘Balkan Journey’, and ‘Klez-mez’. With her friends she composed music for the movie ‘Sonbahar-Autumn’ (dir. Özcan Alper, best film music award in Angers Film Festival, France). She is a lecturer at Bilgi University Music Department (2014-). She also travels with Orçun Baştürk making ‘Let’s Sing Together’ workshops on traditional songs. She is also an acclaimed translator of some books, like the famous Little Prince. She was a radio programmer as well.
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