Cem Kaprol

Cem Kaprol started studying classical music at a very young age but shifted towards jazz during his high school years.

Cem Malak

Cem Malak

Bass guitar
Cem Tuncer

Cem Tuncer


M.Cem Tuncer was born in 1978.

Born in Istanbul in 1979. In 1997 he won a four-year scholarship at İstanbul Bilgi University Music (Composition) Department.

Ceren Temel began studying piano and violin at the Fine Arts Anatolian High School in Kayseri.

Ceyda Köybaşıoğlu, born in Istanbul, discovered her interest in music by playing the piano when she was little. After graduating from F.M.V.

The musician Deniz Dündar, an Istanbul native, has been a jazz drummer since 1978, and has performed with many different groups over his long career; Dündar’ rhythmical mastery has made him in dema

<p>Deniz Taşar&rsquo;s musical journey starts with the Robert College Orchestra.

Dolunay Obruk, who has been a jazz musician since 2004, is also a professional graphic designer, as well as a lyricist, composer and singer, and has taken part in many projects with eminent jazz mu