Bilge Günaydın Quintet

February 18-21:30 PM - February 19-00:30 AM
Bilge Günaydın Quintet
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Andreas Metzler

Andreas Metzler


Andreas Metzler was born in Bern (Switzerland) in 1974.

Turkish pianist Baki Duyarlar (1967), who is considered to be one of the greatest performers in Europe, presents his high quality music with his extraordinary talent.

Emre Tankal

Emre Tankal was born in 1978 and started an interest in jazz guitar in his high school years.

Born in 1977, Gülle is the leading Turkish artist of his generation who attracted the attention of art critics and music lovers with his innovative music language.

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February 18-21:30 PM
February 19-00:30 AM
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