Nardis Jazz's upcoming events

SPIN feat Selim Benba

June 27-21:30 PM - June 28-00:30 AM

Yahya Dai (s), Selim Benba (p), Sıtkı Sırtanadolu (g), Anıl Deniz (b), Fırtına Kıral (d).

Tahsin Ünüvar Quartet Asaf Özpetek Anısına

June 28-22:30 PM - June 29-01:30 AM

Tahsin Ünüvar (ts), Selim Benba (p), Baran Say (b), İzzet Hiçkalmaz (d).

Esra Kayıkçı Band

June 29-22:30 PM - June 30-01:30 AM

Esra Kayıkçı (vo, b), Yahya Dai (tp), Uraz Kıvaner (p), Hakan Kamalı (g), Fırtına Kıral (d).

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Nardis Jazz

Nardis Jazz
Nardis features live jazz during the week from 21:30 to 00:30 and from 22:30-01:30 on weekends. All interpretations of jazz including classic, modern, fusion, mainstream and ethnic, as well as solo artists performing. The club is unique in providing a stage for concerts in a club atmosphere. Seating up to 120 guests comfortably, Nardis also offers a very selective unique menu including finger foods, pastas, salads, fillet steaks and chicken served in a variety of exotic dressings. The interior design provided by Gün Beken and Cengiz Cennetoğlu, was given special attention to the lighting and sound system using the latest in advanced technology, which complements the interior with remarkable acoustic effects.