Tümer Uluçınar Quintet

October 22-21:30 PM - October 23-00:30 AM Nardis Jazz
Tümer Uluçınar Quintet

Tümer Uluçınar (g), Batu Şallıel (s), Koray Üsgülen (ham, rh) Apostolos Sideris (b), Berke Özgümüş (d)

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Apostolos Sideris

Apostolos Sideris was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece, where he had his first musical training, playing the classical flute.

Batu Şallıel

Batu Şallıel


After encouragement of his saxophonist father Mümin Şallıel, Batu started his musical life by the age of nine.

Tümer Uluçınar, having tried his hand at different instruments when very young, finally decided on the classical guitar at the age of 15.


October 22-21:30 PM
October 23-00:30 AM
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